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Our Research at a Glance

Civic Tech(nologies) have emerged as modern online participation platforms for citizens. However, existing platforms limit the scale of participation by relying on a limited set of digital technologies and/or limiting the level of participation. Our research focuses on middleware solutions to facilitate the development of Civic Tech that enable large-scale participation, while leveraging advanced communication technologies


Universal Social Network Bus

There exists a plethora of Online Social Network Services (OSNS) enabling computer-mediated social communication (e.g., Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Slack,etc.). Based on personal preferences, users may prefer a social interaction services rather than another. As a result, users sharing same interests may not be able to interact since they are using incompatible technologies. To tackle the above interoperability barrier, we propose SocialBus, a middleware solution targeted to enable the interaction via heterogeneous social interaction services. SocialBus builds upon the "universal social network bus" (USNB) model for OSNS interoperability. Visit the dedicated Gitlab project to know more.


Collaborative Editing for Large Scale Online Citizen Participation

A key challenge of Civic Tech lies in providing digital tools enabling individuals to engage in participatory processes through the collaborative edition of proposals on topics that matter to society. The focus of this research is to overcome such a challenge by leveraging and further adapting techniques that have proven successful in open source software development. Toward this objective, the first step was to analyze a citizen consultation to identify issues concerning participation and to propose recommendations to solve the aforementioned issues. Visit the dedicated GitHub project to know more.

The Team

William Aboucaya

PhD student

William’s PhD reseearch focuses on the study of collaborative editing systems for large scale online citizen participation.

Rafael Angarita


Rafael is associate professor at ISEP, Paris. He contributes to as part of his collaboration with the MiMove team.

Lior Diler


Lior is the lead developer of the re-engineering of the SocialBus middleware solution for interoperability across OSNSes.

Nikolaos Georgantas


Nikolaos is researcher at Inria where he leads the MiMove team and contributes to with his expertise on interoperability.

Valerie Issarny

Researcher (contact)

Valerie is director of research at Inria. She leads the project.

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We are located at Inria Paris.

2 Rue Simone IFF, 75012 Paris
Phone: +33 1 80 49 40 00